Realizing a Need

On a hot summer day in 2013 while working on a walk-in cooler for the Marriott Corporation, Kaleb Zeringue, founder of Polar Controller, faced an intermittent problem he was unable to pinpoint. After several trips to the site, attempting to diagnose the problem, Kaleb realized the need for on-board real-time diagnostics unit — a system that could log component activity when he was not on site. After searching the Internet for companies supplying refrigeration diagnostics systems, Kaleb discovered there was nothing available on the market.

Thus, Polar Controller was born ... a predictive analytics product using smart technology for the cooling industry.

Discovering Innovation through Experience

Kaleb's first step was to develop the first prototype by modifying existing limited technology through trial and error.

Armed with more than 900 pages of data, Kaleb discovered he could predict component failure before it occurred with great accuracy. With this discovery, he was able to trouble shoot and identify issues immediately after a spontaneous malfunction enabling him to assemble all of the parts needed before arriving on the scene and therefore, decrease cost for the client and significantly reduce repair time. From this data, Kaleb built and installed the first Polar Controller beta systems with software.

From Beta Test to Product Launch

With beta units still in the field at a Marriott Courtyard and restaurants, the Polar Controller product brand was launched. The product patents were filed and Kaleb hired a skilled team to research all of the cold-chain applications for the technology. An engineer was hired and a manufacturer was contracted to produce the new revolutionary product line.

Polar Controller is a patented solution providing cooling equipment monitoring devices (hardware), patented predictive analytics and monitoring services (software) and predictive analytics along with performance research. By monitoring hospitality refrigeration and HVAC equipment, Polar Controller now provides the first of its kind smart technology for the cooling industry to provide predictive data analytics, remote smart diagnostics and two-way intelligent communication to revolutionize the cooling industry..