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Predictive, smart diagnostics.
24/7 live system monitoring.


Polar Controller is a data driven smart technology that monitors refrigeration and HVAC equipment to provide predictive analysis and smart diagnostics. This innovative technology creates a proactive environment to manage power, control repair cost and prevent perishable losses.
The acquired data is professionally monitored by experienced technicians 24/7/365 giving management complete control of their refrigeration equipment while saving as much as 30% on cooling costs..


This new intelligent technology works like an EKG heart monitor attaching to critical components within your refrigeration equipment. By connecting to any cooling device, Polar Controller establishes a baseline and then monitors the system for changes according to the equipment profile. The information is then sent through Polar Controller’s proprietary software via the cloud service to be monitored, tracked and interpreted live by expert troubleshooting technicians.

Predictive, smart diagnostics

24/7 live system monitoring

Decreased power consumption

Reduced downtime

Reduced perishable loss